14 Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs (With Pictures)

If you already have a dog but would love to add a cat to your family, you might assume that it’s a no-go. But that’s not the case at all! While it’s true that some cats and dogs don’t get along, there are plenty of cat breeds that are friendly around dogs. That said, it’s easiest to introduce a cat to the idea of living with a dog while they’re still kittens. Choosing one of these 14 cat breeds will give you the best chance of creating a happy household where your cat and dog can end up bonding. You might even find them napping and playing together, the ultimate signs of a happy household!

The 14 Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs the Most

1. Birman

Image Credit: Pixabay

The beautiful Birman comes from Burma, now Myanmar, where they were kept as temple cats. Legend has it that their distinctive coats and bright blue eyes were bestowed on them by a goddess. That might be a myth, but the Birman’s outgoing and playful attitude makes them a perfect choice of cat for a home with dogs. They’re quiet but love to be involved with daily life. Their inquisitive nature means they might even enjoy the chance to go for a walk when you’re taking your dog!

Temperament Friendly and playful
Shedding Medium
Weight 6–12 pounds
Lifespan 12–16 years

2. Abyssinian

Image Credit: tsapenkodg, Pixabay

It’s thought that the Abyssinian breed hails from Southeast Asia, and this breed may have been used on British and Dutch ships as a mouser. The Abyssinian cat has a wonderful personality that’s playful and engaging. They love to live life to the fullest and can often be found exploring the highest reaches of their homes. They make a great addition to a house with a dog, as they’ll always be ready for a game and will be happy to learn tricks alongside their canine friends.

Temperament Outgoing and playful
Shedding Medium
Weight 6–10 pounds
Lifespan 9–15 years

3. Bombay

Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

The stunning Bombay breed was originally created in the 1950s by crossing black American Shorthairs with sable Burmese cats. These energetic and affectionate cats are adaptable, which makes them the perfect choice of cat for a busy, multi-pet household. They do love to be the boss of all animal members of the household, so they may remind dogs to know their place! They enjoy learning new tricks and spending plenty of time with their owners.

Temperament Smart and outgoing
Shedding Low
Weight 8–15 pounds
Lifespan 12–20 years

4. American Shorthair

Image Credit: PxHere

The history of this iconic breed stretches back to the cats that came to America on the Pilgrim ships of 1620. These cats were prized as mousers, and they soon became a fixture on many American farms. These adaptable cats are laidback, and while they do enjoy playing, they also love a good snooze! They’re sociable with both people and other animals alike. Most American Shorthairs get along well with dogs.

Temperament Adaptable and friendly
Shedding Medium to high
Weight 7–12 pounds
Lifespan 15–20 years

5. Norwegian Forest Cat

Image Credit: STVIOD, Pixabay

The Norwegian Forest Cat is built to survive the freezing conditions of a Norwegian winter, but these days, they’re just as happy soaking up the comforts of a warm home! These cats might be large, but they’re also extremely gentle and friendly with their families. They may be a little wary of strangers, so you may find them hiding in the highest spot that they can find. They get along well with dogs, and you may find them both playing in your backyard pond, as this breed loves water!

Temperament Friendly and gentle
Shedding High
Weight 13–22 pounds
Lifespan 12–16 years

6. Maine Coon

Image Credit: KlausHausmann, Pixabay

This all-American breed has been around since the 1800s, when they were prized for their ability to keep farms and ships free from rodents. These large cats are slow maturing and may not reach full size until they’re 5 years old. Maine Coons are affectionate but not overly demanding. They get along well with other pets and will be happy to entertain themselves playing with the dog until dinner time. They don’t enjoy sitting on people’s laps, but they do love snuggling close on the couch.

Temperament Affectionate and adaptable
Shedding High
Weight 9–18 pounds
Lifespan 9–15 years

7. Ragdoll

Image Credit: monicore, Pixabay

The chilled-out Ragdoll will get along well with dogs simply because they can’t be bothered to do any different! These easygoing cats have a beautiful longhaired coat and striking blue eyes. They’re a relatively recent breed, having only been accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 2000. Their name comes from their habit of relaxing into your arms and going floppy, like a ragdoll! They’re chilled out but will still enjoy a play session with their canine housemates.

Temperament Gentle and smart
Shedding High
Weight 10–20 pounds
Lifespan 12–17 years

8. Siberian

Image Credit: dien, Shutterstock

This hardy breed hails from subarctic Siberia, where their thick and waterproof coat kept them protected from the harsh weather. These days, Siberian cats are happier hanging out in a home than having to fend for themselves! They love people and other pets, so they make a great choice for a home with dogs. You might even find your cat and dog hanging out together and playing in whatever water they can find! Their playful and outgoing nature means they can easily adapt to a multi-pet household.

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Temperament Playful and affectionate
Shedding High
Weight  8–17 pounds
Lifespan 11–18 years

9. Japanese Bobtail

Image Credit: NANCY AYUMI KUNIHIRO, Shutterstock

Japanese Bobtails have been found in Japan for at least 1,000 years, and they are a popular symbol of luck. This is a reasonably talkative breed, although they don’t have a loud voice. They love to play and can often be seen carrying toys around the house or playing with a tap because they love water! Their outgoing nature makes them a great match for dogs, which they will expect to keep them entertained while you’re out of the house!

Temperament Affectionate and intelligent
Shedding Medium
Weight 6–10 pounds
Lifespan 9–15 years

10. Tonkinese

Image Credit: Bigger Fisher, Pxhere

The Tonkinese blends the Burmese and Siamese breeds to create a loving and outgoing cat with plenty to say! These friendly cats crave attention, and whether that’s from people or a dog, they won’t mind. Tonkinese cats are outgoing and will usually be happy to meet strangers and make new friends. They don’t enjoy being left home alone all day, so having a canine companion can be a good way to help them stay happy and occupied.

Temperament Outgoing and energetic
Shedding Low to medium
Weight 6–12 pounds
Lifespan 10–16 years

11. British Shorthair

Image Credit: DIP 500, Shutterstock

The British Shorthair was one of the first purebred cats to be displayed at a cat show, and they’ve been a firm favorite with cat lovers all over the world ever since. These laidback cats take almost everything in their stride, so sharing their home with a dog won’t ruffle their fur in any way. While they enjoy attention and affection, they’re not demanding. Their confident nature means they’re more than capable of standing their ground with puppies or energetic dogs.

Temperament Laidback and adaptable
Shedding Medium
Weight 7–17 pounds
Lifespan 12–17 years

12. Turkish Angora

Image Credit: Ekaterina Kramarenko, Shutterstock

The Turkish Angora hails from the city of Ankara in Turkey, which used to be called Angora. These beautiful cats might look dignified and elegant, but they’re actually extremely playful and fiercely intelligent. This makes them great companions for dogs, as they will always be keeping each other entertained. Turkish Angoras are charming but also determined, so if they’ve decided that it’s dinner time, you’d best listen because they won’t give up until you feed them!

Temperament Playful and affectionate
Shedding Low to medium
Weight 5–9 pounds
Lifespan 12–18 years

13. Turkish Van

Image Credit: Pixabay

The Turkish Van is known for their love of water and can often be found playing with taps or putting their paws in whatever water they can find. Their distinctive coat, with a white body and colored head and tail, is instantly recognizable. These intelligent cats need plenty of interaction, so living with a dog can be the perfect solution. They even love playing fetch, so you might want to set up backyard training sessions where your dog and cat can learn together!

Temperament Smart and outgoing
Shedding Low
Weight 10–18 pounds
Lifespan 12–17 pounds

14. Devon Rex

Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

The distinctive Devon Rex was discovered in 1959 and their curly coat is the result of a naturally occurring genetic mutation. These energetic cats take a keen interest in everything that goes on around them, and they love the interaction with other pets just as much as they love people. Their thin coats mean they love to find warm spots for a nap, and they may just end up using your dog as a cozy pillow! They’re outgoing and will enjoy going for walks and learning tricks alongside your dog.

Temperament Friendly and affectionate
Shedding Low
Weight 5–10 pounds
Lifespan 9–15 years

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Featured Image Credit: Fritz_the_Cat, Pixabay

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